Keep Your Eyes On Jesus..

Reading in Matthew this morning about Jesus being tempted in the Wilderness… thought this was timely. Do you notice that Jesus wasn’t tempted inside the Temple, or at his baptism, but in the wilderness. The wilderness, where he was tired, alone, and hungry and most vulnerable. Isn’t that when the devil usually tries to get us? When we are vulnerable … when we are under physical or emotional stress. In addition, he also likes to tempt us in our strengths where we are most vulnerable to pride. We must be on guard at all times to recognize attacks of the enemy and stand FIRM if our Faith!

Keep your eyes on Jesus friends. Amidst all the chaos that seems to be happening around us – now is the time to dig into the word and stay grounded! If you want to join me and some of my friends – we’re on a journey through the New Testament. We started in Matthew – there are usually around 10 verses to read daily in your bible (If you don’t have a bible – download the bible App) and then I provide commentary as we break down that scripture and how it still applies to our life today. We’d love to have you join us! I have been posting them on this site as well as my social media. If you are just now reading this – visit my site – “FOLLOW” me – and start reading the ones you missed or join in starting now. Start holding a bible study in your own home with a few friends. But most importantly – Dig in friends – we were born for such a time as this!

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