Storing Treasures…

New Testament Journey Day 21 – Matthew 6:19-24 – Jesus Teaches About Money

Storing “Treasures in Heaven” is not limited to tithing but is accomplished by all acts of obedience to God. There is a sense in which giving our money to God’s work is like investing in heaven. But we should seek to please God not only in our giving, but also in fulfilling God’s purposes in all we do.

The one valuable lesson I have learned, repeatedly, is that you can’t out give God! I’ve seen it in my own life, and heard story after story, where God has prompted to give that last $10.00 or last $100.00 to someone you see with a greater need than yours. And what happens? God meets all your needs. (I didn’t say “wants” – I said “needs”). God does want us to be smart with our money, but sometimes we hold onto it so tightly that we stop trusting God.

Spiritual vision is our capacity to see clearly what God wants us to do and to see the world from his point of view. But this spiritual insight can be easily clouded. Self-serving desires, interests, and goals block that vision. Serving God is the best way to restore it. A “good” eye is one that is fixed on God. Jesus says we can have only one master. We live in a materialistic society where many people serve money. The spend all their lives collecting and storing it, only to die and leave it behind. Their desire for money and what it can buy far outweighs their commitment to God and spiritual matters. Money isn’t the root of all evil. It’s the “love of money.” I believe God will bless some abundantly because he knows they will be good stewards of that money. They will support the church, help the orphans and widows and those in need. But there are others who lie, cheat and steal to get the money they have. They are miserable inside and lose their soul in the process. This doesn’t just happen to the mega rich – this can happen to us if we are not careful. We are so busy being focused on our jobs, the bills, our blessings that we lose our focus on God.

I’ve always said one of the biggest problems in the United States is our blessings. We’ve been blessed to the point we’ve gotten the “I” attitude. I can just buy it, Google it, obtain it, if I need it. Most people see no need for God until things hit rock bottom and we encounter something money can’t buy. But that’s not what God wants. He wants His Holy Spirit to walk with us and commune with us daily. In the smallest of matters, to the biggest. When we are sick we Google the symptoms, we find the best doctor, look for the best medicine – and THEN pray. We should PRAY FIRST – ask God for healing – ask Him for Wisdom – ask Him to give the Dr. or surgeon in charge of our care wisdom. Whatever you “store up” you will spend much of your time and energy thinking about. Don’t fall into the materialistic trap. One good test – do a heart check. Ask yourself, which do I spend the most time thinking about? Is it your 401k, your next home, next car, things that will be left behind when your time is up. Or do you spend the majority of your time thinking about how you can be the hands and feet of Jesus and how you can do Kingdom work.

I challenge you to give to someone else this week and see how good that makes your soul feel! Pay for the person behind you in a drive thru, send an anonymous gift card to someone you know could use it, take dinner or groceries to a family. Be His hands and feet. Be blessed!

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