First Place or No Place

New Testament Journey Day 29: I read the scripture to share this morning, but I’m feeling led to share this instead. Someone out there needs to read this and be reminded that the devil has a full court press going on for our minds and our time and we ALL struggle. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been a Christian for 30 years or 30 days. If the devil can’t beat you – he’ll try his best to distract you because he knows the power that comes from reading the Bible and spending time in prayer.

It’s been a few days since I posted this bible study. Oh I have good “excuses” .. Tuesday was the last post, that’s been almost a week. Now don’t get me wrong, I’ve prayed a lot between Tuesday but I haven’t been in the word… I’ve been on steroids for a medical condition and they don’t keep me awake or give me extra energy -in fact – it’s the opposite. I’m exhausted. I oversleep. And I did just that Wednesday thinking “I’ll take my bible and do the bible study at work on my break.” – The break never came, but the work did. So then I thought “I’ll do it after work” – but after work there was a list of things I was focused on a mile long that were “good” things – but it took the place of time with God. I crashed in the chair at 9:00. This repeated itself for the next few days – I had every good intention of getting up and reading and praying – but the reading didn’t come. The praying was there, I pray all throughout the day as I see prayer requests come in, over my food, as I drive down the road – but there’s something different about prayer when you shut the door and give God your undivided attention and quiet heart for as long as He needs to speak to you. Tuesday to Friday – no getting up and putting Jesus first – and by Friday I wondered “Why am I so frustrated? Why am I in this funk and just feel a little mean?” Quick review of my week and it was obvious – I hadn’t started my day with prayer and the word – so the time never did come. If we don’t put Jesus first place, he ends up being no place. We went out of town this weekend and as I prepared to go out the door on Friday after work I grabbed my bible. I got up Saturday morning and read the word and drank coffee in my hotel room. I filled up my spiritual cup and asked God to use me that day. I was able to wittness to a young girl in Subway in KY and it left my heart happy and full. I have no doubt that if I had just got up and rushed out the door, I would’ve likely missed that opportunity.

The point to sharing my short comings? You’re not alone! The devil will get some sucker punches in – but keep fighting. Keep standing on the word, keep reading and praying and loving others like Jesus loves them. THIS is where our focus needs to be. THIS is what is going to get us through whatever comes our way. Bad legislation can’t change the truth or you relationship with God. If you put that bible down months ago – pick it up. If you stopped praying weeks ago – spend time in prayer today. God longs for you to just come as you are and sit at His feet so he can speak to your heart and give you that peace that passes all understanding. Yes, peace, even in the midst of all the chaos going on around us.

Be blessed today and meet me here tomorrow morning and we’ll start back in Matthew 8 and read about Jesus performing some miracles.

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