Key Not Detected

This post is a Public Service Announcement for owners of Cars with electronic start and a Parable all rolled into one. Last Sunday we had one of THOSE moments. We left church and the sun was shining – I wanted to fix lunch instead of dine out so we could get to the farm as early as possible to get work done and enjoy the sunshine. ☀️ We stopped at Community Market. I left Tom in the car listening to a sermon through bluetooth on my phone while I ran into the store and back out in record time. I got into the car, pushed the brake peddle, pushed the “start engine” button and received this nice little error message on my dash “Key not Detected”. I got my keys, laid them close to the “start engine” button – and again “Key not Detected.” 🤷‍♀️

I thought “I got this! I’ll start the car remotely by my phone”. Selected the “start car” button on my phone. Car started (but it’s always only a half start – you have to push the button in the rest of the way with your foot on the break once you get in) So I did. And much to my dismay “Key not detected”. The gear shift is a knob – stuck in a hard “P” for park – it won’t budge. It’s starting to get hot in the car, I raise my skirt up over my knees at this point, sweating, frustrated…. think Kris – think. 🤔(What I’m thinking about this time is my husband is right. Give me a good ole fashioned key, an automatic transmission, windows you have to crank up and down.) 😡

I opened the door to get out and take my jacket off as I was burning up – as soon as the door opened – yep, you guessed it, the car alarm started blaring! 😖 I frantically started pushing buttons on my remote – to no avail. Got back in the car, slung my jacket in the back seat, and pushed more buttons on my remote until the noise stopped. It was getting so hot in the car! But I couldn’t roll any windows down (they are electric as well…)I access the “My Ford” app and called the “help” number. The gentleman on the other end of the phone told me to log out of my app and back in that sometimes helps. What? I don’t think that will help – can’t you just restart me from there? No I’m sorry – you will need to log out of your app/back in and that may help. (I’m going to sell this car as soon as I get it out of this parking lot!!) 🤨

OK, what was my log in info for the app? (hard to remember when you’re sweating, frustrated, anxious…) but I finally did. I logged out and back in. It didn’t help. That is when he said “I’m going to have to connect you with roadside assistance.” What?!?!? I told him “I’m in Hillsboro – where is the closest roadside assistance Ford employee?” I’m not sure ma’am. I’ve put in the request they will call you or text you soon. I got a text “Hello! Please send us your location and we will get someone there.” I didn’t know my location – in frustration I’m trying to “Google” the address to Community Market – in the meantime I opened the glovebox, pulled out the owners manual, and told Tom to look for the words “Key not detected” – in about 20 seconds I saw him toss his phone in the back seat and he told me – “give me your phone” -and he put it in the backseat as well. “Now try it” he said. Wah Lah! I pushed the button in and IT WORKED! The owners manual said “If this occurs the phone may be too close to the ignition switch”.

Tom and I just looked at each other – after complimenting me for not losing my religion in that mess of a moment he said “You know there’s a lesson in this.” I was thinking the same thing…The answer to any problem we face as humans – it’s in our Owner’s Manual. God has placed every answer, for every problem and question we face in the Bible. It’s called the “Living Word” for a reason. But so often instead of trying it God’s way (Um…He designed us, he knows how we tick!) We try to do it our way – another way – any way but HIS way. We call friends, we Google our symptoms, we read self help books… and when we’ve exhausted all resources – we pick up the bible and we call the author. The one who designed us and knows how to pick us up and get us moving once again.

**PSA: Keep your phone away from your electric start button.

**Parable: Get the Bible out FIRST and save yourself a lot of frustration.

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