55 Trips Around the Sun…

55 trips around the sun… God is good friends. His promises are faithful. Stand on them like I did – even in those darkest days – He’s a restorer of those who diligently seek Him. Why do I say that?? 9 years ago I sat in a tiny apartment, alone, broken and looked at pictures like these and thought – “That will never be me. I’ll never love again. I’ll never be loved again. No soccer games to go to – no vacations to be had..” in all honesty – at that point my heart hurt so bad I couldn’t even really see a reason to go outside. I was walking through my day with cement shoes & a heart broken into pieces. But the one thing I knew – the one thing I stood on – was the times in my life I was the happiest, was when I was in church. As a young girl, and young adult – That’s where my soul found rest. I picked up my Bible- it said “Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things will be added unto you.” It said “when you seek me with ALL your heart, you will find me.” And that’s what I did. I didn’t worry about vacations, relationships, what I did or didn’t have. God said he’d give me what I needed & that His grace was sufficient enough to meet ALL my needs. I just pursued God. One day, one choice at a time. I read my Bible daily. I prayed. I listened to sermons. I turned off music that promoted sin or made me sad. I turned off the news, the TV, and even social media for a time. I distanced myself from some who were not on the same journey I was on – and surrounded myself with those who were. I found a great church (that’s important) I learned that time stands still for no one. We are in perpetual motion. Every choice we make either brings us closer to God, or pushes us further away – but we’re never just standing still. 55 trips around the sun and I can say with all confidence – those trips around the sun when I was holding the hand of Jesus – those years were the best!! I plan to be holding His hand on my last trip around the sun – my ❤s biggest desire is to introduce Him to those who don’t yet know that’s where hope, peace and rest for your weary soul lie. Don’t make another trip around the sun without Him. It’ll be the best decision you ever make. 💕😊

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