No Excuses…

If your favorite band was in town and I called and told you I had front row seats – chances are you would cancel anything you had going on that day and go. Not only would you go, you would be excited about going! You’d maybe go buy a new outfit. You’d probably even text and call me a couple days ahead of time – and the day of – just to be sure I hadn’t changed my mind and we really were going to go.

Not into music but like sports? What if I called you and told you I had tickets to watch your favorite team. Not only did I have tickets – but passes to meet your favorite players afterward. It’s football season – It’ll likely be 32 degrees out and cold so you go buy warm gear – you know you’ll likely be cold the entire time – but it’s your team! It’s worth it! AND you get to meet your favorite players!! You GOTTA go! It’s a Monday night game so you take a vacation day from work. You call me just about every day that week excited, and making sure we’re still going to go.

Those are the thoughts the Lord brought to my mind as I was riding my lawnmower … you see, I carry such a burden for those around me who don’t have the hope and peace I have that comes from a relationship with Jesus. I invite people to come to church, to the women’s events, I send texts and cards and make calls. And then whey they don’t show up – and even more so if something happens and they die – I beat myself up thinking “I should’ve done more. I could’ve done more. I should’ve called more, wrote more, encouraged more…” I carry that burden…. But as I was riding my lawn mower God set me free from carrying that burden today. He spoke to my heart almost instantly as I had those thoughts… “How many times would you have to ask them if it was a football game, or a concert? You’d only have to ask once and they’d find a way to be there.” “They just don’t want it bad enough Kris, or they would make time and a way to be there.”…. yep. He’s right.

Don’t let excuses keep you from an eternity in heaven, and a soul filled with peace and joy here on this earth. ❤❤❤

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