“Liver Gifts…”

I recently spoke to a group of women about “Walking in Purpose”. Bullet Point 1 was about being in right relationship with the Lord. Bullet Point 2 was our relationship with others. Bullet Point 3 is the one I’m sharing in this note…

God has been laying so heavily on my heart lately that “Comparison is stealing your purpose.”

So many women are striving to be the next Joyce Meyer, Beth Moore or Jenn Johnson. (And don’t get me wrong, I love me some Beth, Joyce and Jenn…) God is using these mega popular Christian women. But there are THOUSANDS of Christian women in the world – all with just as much purpose and calling on our lives.

I see so many women get on fire for God and other Christians (who mean well, and out of the goodness of their hearts) say “God’s got big plans for you!” – but it is being relayed in the context of “Popularity” – “People knowing your name” – well ladies, let me just tell you – GOD’S GOT BIG PLANS FOR EACH OF US!! And the only name that we need to leave others dwelling on is JESUS.

The bible clearly says in John 3:30 “He must become greater and greater, and I must become less and less.”

John’s humility is an example of how we are to serve God and walk in our purpose. John was leading the way for Jesus. He was preaching repentance. He wanted people not to see him – but the hope they would have in Jesus.

In Corinthians 12 we read about One body with many parts. Let’s start in verse 12….. “The human body has many parts, but the many parts make up one whole body. So it is with the body of Christ.”

And then let’s jump down to verse 22 where it reads, “In fact, some parts of the body that seem weakest and least important are actually the most necessary. And the parts we regard as less honorable are those we clothe with the greatest care.”

Think of your own body. You can put pretty rings on your fingers… get your nails done… and everyone can “see” that part of your body and admire it. But if you lost a finger – would you still live? Of course you would!

Now, how “pretty” do you think your liver is? Can you see it? Of course not! But I’m going to be bold enough to say that you can’t live without your liver.

Too often “up front” or “seen” gifts like leading worship, preaching or teaching are more highly regarded or sought after than the “behind the scenes” gifts like helping and serving. We are all designed PERFECTLY by God to be a part of the body of Christ. And EVERY member is vital to the building of God’s church.

God has given us all gifts and talents. That being said… we have to recognize what those are. Me? I love to sing! I sing in the shower – in the car – but I can promise you that is NOT one of the gifts God gave me!

I could have been so determined to be a singer that I could’ve wasted a lot of time and money on singing lessons, trying to be at least tolerable to a small audience. But that is just NOT my gift. I wouldn’t be winning people to Jesus – I would be satisfying my wants and desires and not walking in God’s will for my life.

My talent is writing. When I was a teenager God dropped in my heart that one day I would write a book – and one day I would lead women to Christ. It was 30 years later … (and here’s where the devil always tries to derail us) It was suggested I used my gift to write “secular” books – articles – that would not have brought any glory to God. Instead, I chose to honor God with my gift. I was walking in my God given purpose – using the gift HE gave me – and I wrote a book that wasn’t a literary work of art, but it brought some closer to God. It opened doors for me to speak to groups of women. And it lead me to my husband and the current Women’s Ministry I’ve been blessed with.

Learning our purpose, using our gifts, is like a toddler learning to walk. We take one step in Faith, and then another, and another..

Let’s spend some time talking about those “Liver Gifts”….the ones I truly believe are very vital to the body of Christ…

Where are my prayer warriors? So many of the older generation I speak to will look at me with such a sadness in their eyes as they say “I just can’t physically do the things I used to do. I used to lead a youth group and take them to outings and I used to teach Sunday school….” The devil lies to them and they feel like they are not contributing because they are comparing this season to the last. You know what God’s told me? You can be the BIGGEST threat to the enemy in your later years. Why? You have time to PRAY! To intercede. We need prayer warriors! Now more than ever we need people who will spend at least an hour a day in prayer – if not longer. People who will call down heaven on our behalf. People who will fight off the enemy by calling on God’s army in prayer! What did Jesus do before any big event? HE PRAYED! Man oh man! YOU who are prayer warriors are definitely the liver of the Christian body.

Where are my momma’s raising mighty men and women of God? I hear so many young women say “I can’t do anything, I have a house full of kids and no help!” Cmon’ ladies – this is one of THE MOST IMPORTANT jobs in the body of Christ! In a world that becomes more “Anti-Christ” daily – we need to be raising up warriors in the truth of God’s word. We’re always only one generation away from losing a Godly heritage. Raise your child to be kind to the one others avoid. Your child will be an example to the other children in school. And trust me, school is full of broken little hearts that need to hear about Jesus. They may bring a child home with them and the only love they will ever know is the love you show them as they visit for the weekend. Raise them right ladies. Raise them to be kind, compassionate and caring.

Where’s my encouragers? There are a lot of us old cheerleaders out there! Instead of pulling out your pom pom’s – pull out a pen and paper and write someone a note of encouragement. When COVID hit I had a lady in our church get a list of all the address’s of the church members. She faithfully – and I mean faithfully – sent out a hand made post card every week, to every family, with scripture on it (anonymously). This went on for at least a year. So many in our church family have said to me how much it meant to them. Especially when COVID and Quarantine first hit. Some members speak of them in a stack they will often look back through to read the verses. I’ve been in homes where I’ve seen them hanging on their refrigerator… our sweet friend used her gift of encouragement to lift up the body of Christ – and keep them focused on Jesus in the midst of the storm.

What about Hospitality? As I told the ladies at the event I was speaking at – some of you out there love to cook! (That would not be me) 🙂 But for those who do – what a gift! I spoke to a friend at church who said God laid on her heart a man who recently lost his wife. Her husband invited him over for dinner – she cooked a special meal complete with chocolate cake – and he was able to share stories of his sweet wife that he missed so much. (God used her to be His hand s and feet as they provided comfort and hospitality to another Christian!) If you see a sister struggling – take a cake and some coffee or invite her over and just listen.. and then pray with her. Time like that is good for the soul and may just be what keeps another on the right path.

Those of us who are still too young, or too broke to retire -we must work as though we are working for the Lord! My husband and I were at Sam’s club recently. I got into the line where there was a person checking folks out vs. the “do it yourself” line. As we approached the line I noticed the young man was wearing the biggest, whitest smile. And everyone in his line was smiling as well as those who walked by and said “Hi”. As we neared him for our turn to be helped a young lady walked by and said “Are you Samtasitc today?!?” He said “I sure am Samtastic!” He chuckled as he looked at me and said “That’s a little word I made up that folks seem to like.” I noticed the cross around his neck that coincided with a heart full of joy! I said “I see the cross – and the joy – I’m guessing you are a believer?” He said “No, I’m not just a believer – I’m a blood-bought, born-again Christian! I believe in God the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit! And I always say next to that trinity the next most important thing is the bible. You can’t just read it – you have to live it! You have to walk it out girl!” (I almost told Tom to baptize me again right there!) 🙂 But what a great reminder that as Christian’s we should be walking in JOY – it’s the fruit of the Spirit! Not only was he affecting non-believers (causing them to ponder his positivity and hope amidst all this crazy the world offers) it made this believer do inventory of how well I share my joy. He was walking IN purpose.

We all have different gifts, but we all have the same purpose – to be a glory unto God in all that we say and do.

But you are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God’s own possession. As a result you can show others the goodness of God, for he called you out of the darkness into His wonderful light.”

– 1 Peter 2:9 & 10

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