From the Pit to the Palace – Part 3 – 4.20.22

Today’s bible reading is in Genesis Chapter 40.

Overview of Chapter 40 has Joseph, still in prison, in charge of all the other prisoners. Two men, a baker and butler were cast into prison with him. (The baker and butler were two of the most trusted men in Pharoah’s kingdom. The baker made the food and the butler tasted it prior to giving it to the king to insure it was not contaminated or poisoned.)

While the baker and butler were cast into prison, they each had a dream and were upset that they didn’t know the meaning to the dream. Joseph said to them, “Don’t interpretations belong to God?” He asked them to tell him their dreams. The butler went first as he shared, and then allowed Joseph to interpret his dream. Joseph told the butler that in 3 days he would be serving the Pharaoh once again. Joseph advised the butler, in vs. 14 Remember me when it is well with you, and please show kindness to me; make mention of me to Pharaoh and get me out of this prison. For I was stolen from the land of the Hebrews; and I have also done nothing to be put in this dungeon.”

The baker saw that the interpretation was good, and he also wanted an interpretation of his dream. Joesph advised the baker that in 3 days Pharaoh would cut off his head, hang him from a tree, and the birds would eat his flesh.

I’m sure the baker hoped that Joseph was wrong. But unfortunately for the baker, his interpretations were correct. The baker was hung 3 days later, and the butler released. But the butler did not remember Joseph, but rather, forgot him.

Lessons from today’s scripture: (**Some from the Life Application Study Bible)

  • When the subject of dreams came up, Joseph didn’t brag and say “Yeah, look at me. I can interpret dreams.” Instead, he pointed everyone’s attention to God. He could have taken a situation to make himself look good and tell of all the previous dreams he has interpreted. But instead, he turned it into a moment to witness for the Lord. **One secret to effective witnessing is to recognize opportunities to “relate God” to the other person’s experience. When the opportunity arises, we must have the courage to speak like Joseph did.
  • When the butler was freed from prison, he forgot about Joseph. TWO FULL YEARS passed before Joseph had another opportunity to be freed. Yet, Joseph’s faith was deep, and he would be ready when the next chance came. How many times have you heard it? “If God frees me from, heals me from, delivers me from – then I’ll be joining you at church!” They get freed, healed, delivered but they don’t remember the promises made and they don’t show up at church. We need to be faithful and just to keep our promises made, or don’t make them.
  • We will see in the next chapter that something eventually triggers the butler’s memory, and he shares with Pharoah that Joseph can interpret dreams. I believe the butler and Joseph were a “divine appointment”. Sometimes people cross our paths, and we know almost instantly why. Other times we don’t find out until a bit later. If the butler had remembered Joseph when Joseph told him to, it may not have held as much weight with Pharoah. Or maybe God had to “nudge” the butler a little bit by giving Pharoah the dream that required interpretation. Either way, no matter how “gloomy” it seemed for Joseph – God was still moving and in control in HIS timing to make that divine appointment have meaning. What about you? Are you trusting in His timing?
  • **When we feel passed by, overlooked, or forgotten, we shouldn’t be surprised that people can sometimes be ungrateful. In similar situations, we should trust GOD as Joseph did. If you are seeking God, he will make ALL things work together for your good!

Happy Wednesday! We’re getting closer to the weekend! May you have a blessed day and I’ll see you tomorrow!

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