From the Pit to the Palace – Part 4 – 4.21.22

For today’s lesson read Genesis Chapter 41 in your bible or bible app.

Overview of Chapter 41… This chapter opens with Pharoah having a very detailed dream of 7 fat cows being swallowed by 7 skinny cows, but the cows still looked skinny. And then he had a second dream, right after he fell back to sleep of 7 full, good heads of grain on one stalk that was immediately followed by 7 blighted, withered, thin heads that devoured the good ones. He awoke from this dream troubled; he knew in his spirit it meant something.

Pharoah called for the magicians and wise men to come and tell him the meaning of his dream. (Magicians and wise men were common in the palaces of ancient rulers. Their job description included studying sacred arts and sciences, reading the stars, interpreting dreams, predicting the future, and performing magic. These men had power (see Exodus 7:11,12) but their power was satanic. They were unable to interpret Pharoah’s dream, but God had revealed it to Joseph).

The butler heard all the commotion and then it hit him, he had forgot to tell Pharoah about Joseph who had interpreted his dream while he was with him in prison 2 years ago! So he told Pharoah about meeting a man who interpreted he and the bakers dreams and each came to pass as Joseph said they would. Pharoah was so troubled in his heart he called for Joseph to come to the palace.

When Joseph arrived, he told Pharoah that it was God that would be giving him an answer of peace, through Joseph.

Jospeh interpreted his dream as 7 years of plenty before 7 of extreme famine. He then said that Pharoah should find a wise man to oversee storing up during the years of plenty, to provide for the years of famine. The plan he laid out was full of wisdom. Pharoah responded, “Inasmuch as GOD has shown you all this, there is no one more discerning or wise for the job than you!” He quickly set Joseph up to be second in charge directly under him, fine clothes, chariot, and changed his name to Zaphnath-Paaneah and gave him a wife of a prominent Egyptian official! Joseph was 30 years old when this happened. He had been sold into slavery at age 17. He had spent 13 years as an Egyptian slave and prisoner and now was ruler over all of Egypt second only to Pharoah.

Cmon’ – if this story doesn’t make you want to shout and give a praise break! I love, love, love this story because it’s how God still works today! One day you’re thinking “When will this (insert the dream God’s placed in your heart) ever happen?” And then God does what he does. He’ll move quick, fast, sudden, your life changes in an instant and you’re thinking “Whoa, how did I get here?!?” And you have no doubt, it was God.

Lessons we learn from today’s scripture:

  • God gave Joseph the dream of stalks of wheat bowing down to him 13 years before the dream came to fruition. It is important to remember that our role in this journey with the Lord is just to continue to seek God and love him with all our heart, mind, soul and strength. Let Him mange the details while you just walk in Faith and in HIS timing, he will bring the dream to pass.
  • Our most important opportunities may come when we least expect it! One minute Joseph is in a dungeon and the next minute he’s put in front of Pharaoh. He didn’t have time to “prepare”. He had no idea that would be the day the butler would remember him and have him pulled from the prison to talk to the King. But Joseph was ready for almost anything simply because he had a right relationship with God. It wasn’t Joseph’s knowledge of dreams that helped him interpret them, it was his knowledge of GOD! You can be ready for any situation or opportunity that arises by staying close to God.
  • A theme we have seen with Joseph is that he is always giving the credit to God. A once boastful, probably slightly spoiled young man has turned into a humble, willing, servant of God. We should follow his example and be careful to always give God the credit and not take it for ourselves. Don’t be silent when you should be giving God the glory.
  • After interpreting the dream, Joseph gave Pharoah a detailed plan. While we are to live by Faith, we must also plan. Planning is a responsibility, not an option. Joseph ends up saving an entire nation, by planning. I think of this often today as I plant a garden, and think of what would happen if we could no longer buy, sell or trade? I believe we all should contemplate self-sustainability. I read an article recently that said cooking, canning, storing up, is a lost art. That there are people in this generation who have just always ate their meals out. Not only do they not know how to cook, but many also do not even know how to open a can. I remember my grandma always having had so much food canned and stored that we would end up throwing some away years later because it went bad. But she always said she’d never go hungry again. She had lived through the great depression and knew what it was for food to be scarce.
  • Pharoah recognized that Joseph was a man “In whom is the Spirit of God”. We likely won’t be interpreting dreams for kings – but those who know you should see the Spirit of God in you. The fruits of the spirit manifest in your life as you walk with Jesus. Do your friends, family and co-workers see joy, peace, love, kindness and mercy in your actions?
  • Joseph went from the pit to the palace in an instant, but he had been trained for this by first being a slave and then a prisoner. He learned what it was like to be in those positions allowing him to learn to have a servant’s heart. A servant to others and most importantly, to God. The best leaders today in business, government, any organization are always SERVANT leaders. There’s something to be said for working your way to the top, starting at the bottom.

Hope you enjoyed today’s lesson as much as I did! Have a great, blessed day ahead! You’re reeealllll close to the weekend!

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