Bible Study – Acts 20:35 – 5.3.22

Our bible study today is one verse – as shown below from Acts Chapter 20 vs 35:

“I have shown you in every way, by laboring like this, that you must support the weak. And remember the words of the Lord Jesus, that He said, ‘It is more blessed to give than to receive.'”

Lessons from today’s scripture:

  • I personally believe this scripture is a key element to our mental health and happiness. We were created in God’s image and he’s saying right here – you are more blessed (happy) when you give than when you receive. The first example of this was God himself giving his only son Jesus. And then Jesus gave us the ultimate example when he cared more for us, than himself. Before he died on the cross for us, he went around doing things for OTHERS. He didn’t whine and complain about no one doing anything for him. He just freely gave to those in need expecting nothing in return.
  • I am glad that somehow, I managed to grasp this concept. Whenever I’m feeling a little “off” or “upset” I take inventory. Yep, it’s been a while since I’ve done something for someone else. 99% of the time, I’ve been caught up in “my” to do list, the projects I need to finish, the bills that need paid, etc. etc. And when I take a deep breath, forget those things and pause to pray saying, “Lord put someone in my path today I can help.” That’s when things change. Someone will come to mind that could likely use a note of encouragement, a visit, some flowers. Sometimes it ends up being a total stranger and I get that “nudge” from the Holy Spirit to buy their lunch or coffee or even just look them in the eye, smile, and strike up a conversation where I end up reminding them that God loves them and has a plan and purpose for their life. In all those instances when that moment is over, I feel soooo “blessed” so “happy” because it’s in that momentI am giving like God designed us to, and I have totally forgotten what I was so consumed with. We have to step out of our mud puddles of self-pity and doubt, lace up our boots, and march into victory as we help those around us.
  • If you’ve followed this site very long at all you know I love parables! When God takes the everyday and shares Kingdom principles. We all love birthdays and Christmas when we get presents, often surprises, or maybe even something we were expecting. But think of a time when you saved and scrimped and shopped to find just the right gift for someone you love. Remember that feeling of excitement as you wrapped it to give to them and watched their face as they opened it. In that moment you were blessed (happy). It’s a feeling that money can’t buy. In fact, giving to others can have nothing to do with money….
  • Yesterday I was feeling a bit “off” and I prayed, “Lord, put someone in my path today.” While I was grocery shopping, God did just that! There he sat on the bench, waiting for his wife to finish grocery shopping and the nudge from the Holy Spirit was so strong that after I loaded the groceries in my car, I went back in. I just sat with this sweet man for a few minutes and learned he was having trouble getting his strength back since COVID a few months ago, so we prayed for renewed strength. I learned that he lost his only son as tears came to his eyes, so I asked him to tell me all about him. And I learned how very much he loved his wife of 67 years. As I got up to leave, I said “Thank you for letting me sit and talk with you. You have inspired me today.” Often, we think we’re giving to someone else, but it’s us who needs it. We are the ones who leave feeling blessed because we gave.
  • Human connection is vital to our mental well-being. As electronic methods of communicating and staying in touch have increased, we are losing a lot of that “connection”. I encourage you to make an effort to “connect” with others. The bible says, “Fail not to assemble yourselves together, even more so as you see the end approaching.” We need human connection and community.

My heart challenge for you today is to take a moment, ask God to put someone on your heart or in your path and then reach out in a sweet, simple act of kindness. Take note of how you feel after. You’ll see there was a reason Jesus said, “It’s more blessed to give, than to receive.” We were designed in the image of God – He knows what we need.

Happy Tuesday Friends! Have a great day!!

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