A Praying Momma

I want to share with you a true story about the power of a praying momma and then you’ll see just why I speak on that so much.

My boys were in their early teens and they were attending “ICTHUS” (A Christian concert event in the hills of KY and they stayed in tents Friday night, Saturday night and would return home Sunday afternoon.)

Now mind you – we didn’t have cell phones back then. It was a rainy, rainy weekend like the week we’ve been having here. At around 4:00am I hear my boys coming in the front door. I get up to see what’s going on and they explain that the rain was so bad it was starting mud slides and they were all told to evacuate.

I got up a couple of hours later to get ready for church and they were so tired that I left them in bed that Sunday morning. I went to church and was sitting in the pew when the preacher asked a mother to come to the front of the church and tell everyone what had happened….. She stood at the pulpit, visibly shaken, and proceeded to tell us that she had a dream the night before and in that dream were caskets around the church. In each casket laid one of the children that had went to ICTHUS as well as the Youth Pastor. She woke up and was burdened to pray and intercede. She went to her sons bedroom and started praying over his bed. She prayed an prayed until she was exhausted – but the burden wasn’t gone. So she called her mother and asked her to please start praying as well. A couple of hours after they started praying her son walked through the door. What a relief! He was home safe!! And then, he told her this story… The Youth Pastor had gotten little to no sleep when they told them it was time to evacuate. They were busy taking down tents, packing up, and the sleep he planned to get that night never came before they were back on the road. The teens had all fallen asleep. But one teen (the praying mother’s son) was suddenly awakened, just in time to see that the Youth Pastor had fallen asleep at the wheel and was left of center with a truck coming at them! He got the Youth Pastor awake in time to avoid the head on collision. You will never convince me otherwise- that her prayers for her son – and my sons – are what saved all of their lives!

I am forever grateful that she was a praying momma and that she yielded to that nudge to get up and pray! After hearing this story, any time I felt anxious about my sons when they were out as teens or even young adults, I got up and went to their room and started praying over their beds – praying for safety and a hedge of protection in the name of Jesus.

I hope reading this encourages YOU to become a praying Momma if you are not already. And if you have a praying momma – be so very, very, thankful!!

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