Bible Study – Genesis 14:1-24- 5.10.22

Open your bibles to Genesis Chapter 14 and read the entire chapter.

Overview: This chapter isn’t necessarily as easy to read, or as exciting and inspiring as some, but there are still lessons there if we look for them. This chapter tells about King Chedorlamoer. Not much is known about this King other than he was very powerful. In this day and time, kings who were defeated had to pay tribute to the king who defeated them. In this chapter the 5 kings who were tired of paying tribute united, and rebelled against this king. One of the kings in the rebellion was the king of Sodom. (Where Lot was living). King Chedorlamoer conquered all 5 kings again and this time he took captives from the cities they conquered. Lot, his family, and his possessions were among those captured. Now, here’s where we get a valuable lesson! Abram, with only 318 men, chased Chedorlamoer’s army and attacked them near Damascus. With God’s help, Abram DEFEATED THEM and recovered Lot, his family, and his possessions! We all love a good underdog story – but cmon’! 318 men defeated an army that overtook 5 other kings and their armies? That was all GOD Blessing Abram. When it was time to divide up the earnings Abram agreed to take reward from King Melchizedek because he was a God-fearing man. His name means “king of righteousness” and king of Salem means “king of peace”. He recognized God as creator of heaven and earth. But Abram refused to take anything from the ungodly king of Sodom.

Lessons from today’s scripture:

  • When it’s you and God and it’s His will – the odds are always in YOUR favor! This should encourage us to walk in Victory! We are not trying to obtain Victory friends; we already have it! We should be walking in Victory instead of in fear.
  • When Abram heard that Lot had been captured, he immediately put together a plan to go rescue him. It would have been easier and safer not to become involved. But Abram knew Lot was in serious trouble as a captive of this king. Sometimes we find ourselves having to get involved in messy or painful situations in order to help others. If we have prayed, and God has told us to move, we need to move. I often think of all the young children being abused. If you know something, you need to say something.
  • Abram didn’t receive any goods from the ungodly king of Sodom because he did not want him to be able to say, “I have made Abram rich.” Instead, Abram wanted him (and everyone else to say) God has made Abram rich. In this instance, had he accepted the gifts, it would have focused everyone’s attention on Abram or the king of Sodom rather than on God – the one who gave the Victory! When people look at us do they see someone who is touting about being “self-made” and “What I did” or do they see someone who is praising God for all HE has done in our lives? The bible says that pride comes right before the fall. We all have a desire to feel good at something – that’s normal. It’s good to recognize the gifts and talents and abilities that God has given us and use those to serve him. But we should never forget where those gifts came from.

Here’s to a blessed Tuesday my friends! Join me tomorrow where we get to the part that God makes a promise to Abram that seems impossible. But God!

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