The Lord is my Shepherd

Yesterday I printed off Psalm 23 and provided the children in Junior Church a copy. I told them we were going to memorize this over the next few weeks. I explained that we would go line by line and talk about what they meant, and memorize them, until we have the entire thing memorized.

Yesterday we talked about what a shepherd does. He protects the sheep from the wolf. He goes and finds one if they are lost. He leads them to green grass and water to sustain life.

I then asked what they thought it meant when it says “The Lord is my Shepherd” – and they got it. He takes care of us, he protects us, he gives us life and peace and meets all our needs.

We repeated those first two lines about 5 times and then I had each of them say from memory “The Lord is my Shepherd.” I told them when they got scared or worried to say that out loud, and hold onto that, always.

This morning while driving to work I had a “moment” where for a few seconds the devil threw one of those “concerns” in my mind to try and distract me. “What if…” and wouldn’t you know it – the very next thought (that yes, I said out loud) was this… “The Lord is my Shepherd.” (I may have thrown in “so get behind me Satan”) and the peace came. That moment drove home that those bible stories, the scripture, are for ALL of us! Teaching the children the bible – watching them light up and smile as they learn – this has become priceless to me. (Dear parents, thank you for trusting me with your littles) ❤️

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