What 2022 Taught Me…

That the temperature in Ohio can fluctuate 90 degrees in less than a week as we watched it go from -30 with wind chill to 60 degrees in 5 days.

That you can be in a room full of people at the holidays and still feel lonely if you’ve lost a loved one. Even 20 years ago…

I am watching Isaiah 5:20 take on a whole new meaning; “Woe to them who call evil good, and good evil.”

That there is a hunger and thirst for truth rising up in this generation and God is calling his warriors to lead them.

That you can be healthy one minute and getting your kidney removed the next. But God. He’s always right there with us in the storm.

The devil is fighting hard. Fighting against families, fighting the saints, just waiting for you to give up the good fight. But God. If you choose to “Be Still and Know” and let God fight your battles for you, you can’t lose. Keep standing my friends!

That God will turn a country over to its sin.

That death has no boundaries when it decides to come. I heard of more “sudden loss” of those still so very young this past year than I ever recall. But God. Those who died knowing Jesus were just weary travelers going through grand central station to their final destination where there will be no more sorrow, no more tears and are reunited with those they love who have gone before them.

That a mother’s prayers will follow her children and grandchildren – long after they are no longer here.

If the devil can’t defeat you, he’ll distract you. Working two jobs for 6 months took a toll on me spiritually. Oh, I never stopped believing, never totally stopped reading my bible, never stopped praying – but that intimacy with my Jesus had faded. My feeding the sheep with encouragement through written word wasn’t as strong as it had been. I felt a little lost as 2022 started to draw to a close. But that feeling has faded as I’m now down to one job and digging in the Word. Think of it like this – What if you told your husband, kids, friends you loved them -but never spent any quality time with them. You’d start to lose your “connection”. You gotta stay present and plugged in with Jesus, and with your family and those you love, no matter how hectic life gets.

All God wants is our sweet, simple obedience. When He tells us to move, and we do our part and step out in Faith – he’s there to do His part.

When you pray and ask God to put someone in your path – He will. Every. Time.

When you are forced to the laundromat for a few weeks, with the right attitude, it can turn into a mission field instead of an inconvenience.

Children are hurting and being hurt. They are becoming orphans in the masses due to parental neglect or addiction. They are acting out and we call them “bad”. But one kind voice, one kind smile, one person who shows they genuinely care can make a difference. If you have the chance to sow seeds of hope and life into a child – I encourage you to do so.

Too many children are exposed to adult conversations, adult worries, adult language way too young. Watch what you say and do around your children. They may seem occupied with something else, but if they are in the same room, they are listening.

Too much social media is toxic and a leading culprit of stress. I’ve watched clients totally transform within days when they choose to put their phone down and pick up a good book, go take a walk, clean their house, write a letter or spend time with a friend.

Young women don’t understand their worth and that needs to change. It will change their future once they understand what they deserve.

Your life follows your words. Choose carefully what you say and always speak life. Speak it over yourself, your children and your grandchildren.

Every choice we make, and I mean EVERY choice, affects someone else. And every choice has a consequence.

You often have to remind yourself to “work as though you were working unto the Lord.”

We all need a lot more Jesus.

Here’s to 2023! May God bless you richly and abundantly in the year ahead!

All my best –


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