The Devil Doesn’t Understand Love, so he Can’t Defeat It!

A simple statement that has profound impact … “The devil doesn’t understand love, so he can’t defeat it.”

Yesterday we heard Damar Hamlin say he wished he was running through the tunnel with his teammates but, “God is using me in a different way today.” Yes He is Damar – He is bringing scripture and hope and victory to life through you and your witness. I believe your experience was the “spark” that will start revival in this generation who had lost hope. We will see a mighty army of believers arise who will be bold and brave enough to show love, grace and mercy with a steadfast Faith.

The devil started using people in 1962 to remove prayer – and thus hope – from our schools. I can almost see in my mind’s eye the devil laughing that day as he sat back on his haunches… “We get them to stop praying, soon they’ll forget where their hope comes from, and the anxiety will soar, and the depression will rise …” It didn’t stop at the schools; people fought prayer and called it divisive in every public forum possible. And 50 years later, seeing a family pray at a meal is a rarity instead of the norm. Children have no hope because they have not had an example to emulate on how to go to God and ask His help to fight their battles. But on January 1st, 2023 – all that changed when God used a young man named Damar Hamlin to bring a country to its knees. (In an act of God that was reminiscent of Elijah on Mt. Carmel.) In that moment of life and death all the money in the world could not save Damar – ONLY his creator. And somewhere, in the hearts of men, we all knew that and suddenly, people were openly sharing their Faith on National TV, in the stadium, and in public places, and letting their love for Damar override their fear. And in that instance, the devil didn’t understand the love, so he could not defeat it.

The bible says that “Faith, hope and love these 3, but the greatest is love.” Starting my new career change into mental health I have read every book I can get my hands on by every licensed clinician and PHD in regard to anxiety. I have watched videos and accessed resources. But I will tell you that my clients who have went from severe anxiety attacks daily to rarely having one, combined mental health interventions with scripture and prayer. The transformations blow me away as I watch them grow and transform from multiple ER trips a week to rarely going. What do they do? They recognize one of their “triggers” is their phone and they make the cognitive choice to put it down and reduce screen time to less than 30 minutes a day. They take at least 30 minutes they were using on the phone and dig into the bible. They download the “Bible App” and put scripture in their hearts, access the devotions on anxiety, and most importantly – Pray. They pray for their enemies and those who have hurt them, bringing forgiveness and peace. They pray for strength and wisdom and draw closer to God. They pray for their children and families knowing God does hear and believing Him in the storms. And they know I’m praying. As soon as I am assigned a client, I start praying for them. I give them an option to pray at the end of our sessions and every client – Christian and non – ask me to please pray with them. Deep down in our hearts we know to go back to the One who created us. The Master Designer who will work all things out for our good when we love Him and love others.

A PHD in neuroscience, who is also a Christian did a study. Images were taken of the brains of a group of people who were dealing with anxiety and depression. She challenged 1/2 the group to pray for 12 minutes a day, the other half did not. At the end of 30 days brain images were taken again. Those who prayed for just 12 minutes a day, the images of their brain showed positive neuro pathways being made and the subjects stated reduced depression and anxiety. Neuro Science and Faith in God – they go hand in hand.

I challenge you – commit to reading the bible every morning for 15 minutes – if you don’t have a bible, download the bible app. And then make a prayer list and commit to praying for the other 15 minutes (or more if you’d like). Teach your kids to pray – pray at meals and thank God for the food. Pray with them at night to calm their hearts before bed. Pray with them before they get out of the car or on the bus to start their school day. Teach your kids to pray and you will give them something that money cannot buy. Hope. Peace. Love.

All my best –



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