“Living Free” – The Book

wpid-img1440630027897.jpg“Living Free” became available for sale Sept. 1st 2016.   You can order online by selecting the link below.

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It’s been such an exciting process to watch this dream come to fruition!  Many have asked – What’s the book about?  The vision is this:  If just one person reads this book and finds hope for another day, that peace that surpasses all understanding, then all the effort and long nights of writing were worth it!  God has taken this book on some twists and turns – just when I thought I was almost done, He changed direction a bit.  And I am excited about the direction it went!

Some amazing collaborators are sharing their stories.  We all go through different tests and trials.  A story that touches one, may not have any significance to another.  My hope is that with a variety of testimonies and stories of triumph,  every reader will find something that touches their heart.

Andrea 1


Andrea Jordan Beasley is an amazing young lady.  Those who are blessed to meet  Andrea today witness a young woman full of hope, promise and on fire for God.  But that hasn’t always been the case…. Andrea had to battle and overcome depression, suicidal thoughts and a childhood full of medication.  Her story will warm your heart and leave you wanting the same Jesus that saved her life.



Kris Thomas was one who always looked for her worth in how others saw her and was often left feeling she never quite measured up.  But an “Eat, Love and Pray” journey of her own and she found her worth in the One who created her.  Going inside her cocoon of solitude with fear, anxiety and doubt, she came out a butterfly! Fearless, bold and knowing her self worth.  For anyone who has never had “True Love” in their life, her story will inspire and lead you to find it for yourself.


Denise Firth is a mighty woman of God who has a loving family, owns her own business, raises horses and teaches the Living Free class at the church. But at an earlier time in her life, Denise was on her way to the Betty Ford clinic about to lose her family and all she had once held dear.  One stop on the way there changed things…. Denise will share her story about that one stop saved her life and freed her from alcoholism. Her story will offer hope for anyone struggling to break free of addictions that are holding them hostage.

Codey & Paige Juillerat are an amazing, strong and bold young couple who are willing to share their story of heartache at the loss of their only son Lincoln.  While only here a few short months, Lincoln’s life and the faith of his parents have already touched and inspired many. Jullierats

Jody Gulley shares her story of surviving cancer at a young age and the recurrence of health issues in later years.  The faith it took to get through those times is an inspiration to anyone battling health problems.  Jody’s story is a reminder that “Our Strength Comes from the Lord”…   Jody Gulley

“They triumphed over him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony; they did not love their lives so much as to shrink from death.”  – Revelation 12:11

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